Title GENUV, To drive growth by finding partner for new drug development 2018-06-03

GENUV (former, Shine Biopharma) attended "2018 BIO USA" and the exerpt translation of the relevant article is as below.



"To drive growth by finding partner for new drug development,” K Bio took the microphone in the United States. 

'2018 BIO USA' will be held on 4th of June 


Shine Biopharma (“ShineBio”) is a company which transfers the acquired key patent after strengthening it and will introduce its new drug candidate developed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Rather than directly implanting stem cells into the patient’s brain, ShineBio’s new drug will treat neurodegenerative diseaseby using the drug that can induce differentiation of the existing neural stem cells in the brain into neuronal cell. As ShineBio has a goal of starting Phase 1 Clinical Trial within the United States in the year 2020, its plan is to make the best use of this BIO USA. 





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