Genuv is a clinical-stage, venture-funded drug discovery company that brings diverse platform technologies to bear on areas of high unmet medical need that present unique medical and technical challenges.
Genuv pursues biomedical challenging areas with a combination of scientific imagination, unique technology, and unmatched skill. To those abilities we add our core company values: Ingenuity, Humility, Integrity and Generosity. In all our activities, we are always thinking of the patients and their clinical needs.
Neurodegenerative Diseases

In neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), damage to neurons and the neuronal network in the CNS leads to devastating symptoms such as dementia and paralysis.

Genuv seeks to combat neurodegenerative diseases by stimulating innate neural stem cells to differentiate and grow, and by restoring homeostasis in the CNS.

Our goal: not to merely slow or halt deterioration, but to restore CNS function. We are going beyond the conventional approaches focusing on amyloid beta plaque deposits or tau tangles.

Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Cancer and autoimmune diseases are characterized, in part, by malfunctions of the body’s immune system: the immune system attacks healthy tissues in the case of autoimmune conditions. In cancer, the immune system is unable to control runaway growth of malignant tissue.

Genuv is pushing forward to find treatments that normalize the body’s immune system by targeting immune cells that play an important role in the microenvironment of specific diseases.

Our proprietary platforms

Our proprietary platforms – including the ATRIVIEW® screening platform for drugs to treat CNS diseases and SHINE MOUSE® to generate antibodies for technically challenging immune and oncological targets – represent a new approach to the traditional drug discovery strategies. We employ phenotypic screening accompanied with target-based studies on mechanism of actions and biomarkers, where observed changes in cells – in vivo and in vitro – are the basis of drug candidates. In CNS diseases, phenotypic discovery has long outpaced targeted drug discovery as a source of drugs.

Our mouse platform technology doesn’t just generate antibodies. We are able to generate optimal antibodies against difficult epitopes. This sidesteps the problems of low immunogenicity, or high homology, which each can result in inadequate antibody generation. Our aim is to create antibodies that can target antigens that have thus far been undruggable.

Our leadership team combines deep scientific background in neurology, oncology, and immunology with extensive experience in drug development, intellectual property law, and business development. Our advisory board includes distinguished researchers and innovators who have made significant contributions to basic research, drug discovery and innovation throughout the life sciences.