ATRIVIEW® CNS Drug Screening Platform

Screening Platform

Neurodegenerative diseases damage neurons, leading to cell death, neuronal network deterioration, and ultimately serious symptoms such as dementia. For instance, amyloid-beta plaque deposits have been known to cause damage to neurons and synapses leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Despite this knowledge, no treatments have been developed to slow or definitively halt damage to neurons or restore brain function.

Genuv takes a new, simple approach: restoring brain functions by inducing the differentiation of neural stem cells in the patient’s brain, thereby generating new nervous tissue. We also restore and maintain the homeostasis of the nervous system. Our lead drug candidate, SNR1611, has been shown to restore CNS functions in preclinical models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease, devastating neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, this drug candidate is available through simple oral administration.

ATRIVIEW® is Genuv’s proprietary drug screening platform that identifies new and existing
molecules with neuroprotective and neurogenetic properties. ATRIVIEW® has the power to
discover novel mechanisms of action and new targets for disease treatment.

ATRIVIEW® starts with the premise that the ideal therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases need to protect neurons from death and stimulate the growth of new neurons to compensate for the loss of neurons and connectivity within the neural network due to diseases.

As we partner with pharmaceutical companies and gain access to large compound libraries, we will use ATRIVIEW® to identify new and existing chemical entities with powerful neuroprotective and neurogenetic qualities – and the potential to treat most challenging CNS diseases.