Title Why Korea Is Now More Attractive To U.S. Biopharma 2021-11-01

Why Korea Is Now More Attractive To U.S. Biopharma


The U.S. is Korea’s second-largest trade partner. Korea is also one of the top 15 drug markets in the world. Those two facts help explain the import of a recent decision by the Korean Supreme Court in a patent dispute case. Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer, the two pharma giants, had fought the case to defend the patent on Eliquis, a blockbuster blood thinner. In upholding the patent, the court also changed some of the standards for granting patents on pharmaceuticals in Korea. And that will make the market much more attractive for companies like BMS and Pfizer. Our CEO, Sungho Han, Ph.D., is an intellectual property expert as well as an expert in neuroanatomy and neurobiology. In this piece published in Life Science Leader, she explains why this decision will reverberate throughout the Korean biopharma industry.


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