Title GENUV Presents Poster at Keystone Symposia 2021-06-09

GENUV Presents Poster at Keystone Symposia 

Unveiled Non-preclinical research results on SNR1611, new drug candidate for neurodegenerative diseases 



At this year’s Keystone Symposia conference which commenced on June 7 (local time), GENUV, a biotech company dedicated to innovative drug discovery and development, announced on June 9 that the company presented three posters on SNR1611, its new drug candidate which is currently in clinical trial for ALS treatment in Korea.


GENUV developed its own ATRIVIEW platform to discover new drug candidates with neurogenesis and improved homeostasis effects, through which the FDA-approved anticancer drug "trametinib" was confirmed to exhibit excellent neurogenesis and improved homeostasis effects in the major neurodegenerative diseases. 




(Translated by GENUV)

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