Title Targeting ‘Neurodegenerative Disease’, GENUV’s New Drug Development Strategy 2019-07-09

Targeting ‘Neurodegenerative Disease’, GENUV’s New Drug Development Strategy


Building a Neural Stem Cell-Based Neuro-regenerative New Drug Screening Platform and Next Generation Transgenic Mouse Antibody Platforms. “SNR1611, Preparing for Lou Gehrig’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases



GENUV has revealed its innovative new drug development platforms and strategies three (3) years since its founding. In April, GENUV officially changed its name from Shine Biopharma. CEO Sungho Han explained, “After deliberating on a name that best fits our company’s identity and project goals, we’ve decided on a name that takes its motif from the value of ‘ingenuity’.


Since the company’s beginning, Han has concentrated all resources on developing platform technologies for ‘ATRIVIEW™’ and ‘SHINE MOUSE®’ through open innovation.


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